Setting Up a Custom Domain for your Gambit

Your Peach’s gambits let you set a custom domain name. This guide covers why you might want this and how to set it up.

The benefits of a custom domain

We highly recommend all of our customers use a custom domain for their gambits, which is why we made it a standard feature across all of our plans.


How to set up a custom domain

To configure a custom domain name for your Peach’s gambit, navigate to your domain name registrar and set up a CNAME record that points a subdomain to

For our example Rocket, we want our customers to share links that look like So, in Hover (or GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.) we set up a CNAME record for that points to

Then, back in our Peach’s console, under the gambit configuration settings, set the domain name to this new value,


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